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Michele Bosi

Michele Bosi is Trial and Enduro Champion, he was Team Manager and has an exercise, of course in Moto. He raced in the Championships and beaten the arenas of the extreme, he changed his life to experience the passion for the mountains and off-roading closely. So close that he now lives on the Mountain and organizes Red Bull Abestone.

It was written, it went like this: the World Championship Promoter asks him to organize the Italian round of the new Hard Enduro World Championship. Michele Bosi is already at work even before answering. He knows where to go to compose his race, he has imagined it a thousand times and has seen it run under the wheels, under snowshoes and boots. Michele Bosi is an expert pilot and a “healthy bearer” of ideas. Those who understand Sport, Events, Quality and Primacy know what he means.

Abestone Story

Michele Bosi decides, requested by the International Motorcycle Federation, to give life to the Italian stage of the Hard Enduro World Championship. Bosi has a debt of experience, he has never been a competition organizer. There is enthusiasm and inexperience, a dangerous mixture. Fortunately, a Sponsor, who is a longtime friend, comes to guarantee the experience. It’s Liqui Moly, the Danube Valley lubricant manufacturer, who has embraced the discipline since its inception.

Liqui Moly has developed a complicity of intent with Michele Bosi based on the strong analogy of the two environments involved, one competitive and the other technical, equally immersed in an extreme condition. The sporting battle of the Rider against nature is more difficult, on the one hand, the operation of a heat engine by its nature stressed in a range that is always close to the limit, on the other. A question of necessary quality.


The Event

The Hard Enduro World returns to Italy: on the 10th and 11th of July 2021, the beautiful mountain “Abetone”, in Tuscany, will be the stage of the ABESTONE. The new Italian race is a part of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship and will be held as a third round. Also, in Italy we will have the opportunity to admire amazing riding skills and technical abilities of the best Hard Enduro riders, such as the young German Manuel Lettenbichler of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team and winner of the WESS 2019; the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team with Billy Bolt, Alfredo Gomez and the legendary Graham Jarvis; the Sherco Factory Racing Team with Mario Roman and Wade Young; the Gas Gas Factory Racing Team with Taddy Blazusiak and talented Austrian Michael Walkner, as well as the British Jonny Walker of the Beta Factory Racing Team. Furthermore there will be the Italian representatives led by the riders Michele Bosi and Sonny Goggia and the teams TTR Squadra Corse and Rigo Racing. A challenge within the challenge will see professional riders side by side with amateurs, an essential and fundamental feature, that has always stood out in this type of racing. To win, it is not enough to be the fastest: in Hard Enduro you need technique, strength and a lot of endurance. Reaching the finish line is a victory for everyone.

Where we are

Hard Enduro, World Championship, Tuscany. A stone’s throw from Florence, nestled between Lucca, Pisa, Pistoia, Abetone is the most important winter resort in the Apennines.

Since last year it has also been the Italian capital of Enduro … hard. With the boost from Red Bull, Abestone becomes the most spectacular and selective event in the history of Off-Road. Invented by a specialist, Michele Bosi, Abestone is the world champion comparison between the strongest, incredible specialists in the world.


The Legends of Hard Enduro. 3 days of competition. Formula, program, lineup … it is not known whether to go down to hell or to go up to the off-road motorcycle paradise, an inexhaustible crescendo of competitive energy, of emotional temperature. The battle is staged at the arena … among the clouds of the mountain, it can be followed from the chairlift, from the cable car. Three phases, two centers of fire, Abetone and Val Di Luce. Friday: reconnaissance, shakedown, free practice, the spectacular competitive frenzy of the “Straight Rhythm”. Saturday: qualifying, recoveries, relentless selection, until the night between party and sport. Sunday 10th July: it’s the day of the finals, of the Abestone finals.

Red Bull Abestone

A brand, a logo. The hallmark of a war that ends with a smile, as they all should be. This is sport.

Evolution, growth, comparison for constant progress and without steps backwards, constant tension for the primacy. Every minute a victory, a leap forward, and only one year later is Red Bull Abestone 2022. Red Bull Abestone 2022 rings the call.

The stadium in the clouds awaits its gods. The valleys of Abetone and Val di Luce have been explored. The Italian flight of the Hard Enduro World Championship is scheduled for 8-9-10 July. Bolt, Lettenbichler, Jarvis, the lions of Abestone 2021, are admitted ex officio. For already challengers the ticket office opens on the day …

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